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JigCard Gallery
- Dotty's photo gallery. Free daily jigsaw and eCards. Members can play jigsaws with over 3000 pictures.

News Archive


See News for current news.


December 2002

November 2002

  • JigCard Gallery installed paid memberships after beta testing in October. The daily puzzle and the first picture in each category are available free. Members have access to puzzles with all pictures plus additional functionality. See my review of icaPuz.

September 2002

August 2002

July 2002

June 2002

  • Added a review of JMaker Recover.
  • Added a review of Kiama, which was previously only mentioned in the Jigzone review. The puzzles at Kiama still do not work, but I found other sites using Kiama that work (thanks to visitor Penny Tuttle for recommending Puzzle-Piece) and resources for adding Kiama puzzle to your own website. [Februray 2003: The Kiama website no longer exists.] Added to the Links to Daily Jigsaws - later deleted when disappeared.
  • Added a brief review of the new Amic Games Jigsaw 4000. (Later deleted)

May 2002

April 2002

  • Added review of Flash MX Jigsaw.
  • Puzzlet Factory introduced the first online double jigsaw - two pictures, both with straight edges in one puzzle. Try it on the French version of their site. You don't need to know French - just click the picture. If you haven't done Puzzlet Factory puzzles before, try a few puzzles on the English Version first. See my review of Puzzlet Factory.
  • Electronic greeting cards were added to JigCard Gallery on April 5th. Now every photo is available as an eCard as well as an icaPuz jigsaw. An email is sent with a link to the eCard. The eCard has a link to play an online jigsaw puzzle with the same picture. See my review of icaPuz.

March 2002

  • icaPuz started displaying a large copyright notice over the images for their daily puzzles on March 31st. It was quickly changed to a small notice in the corners when members protested. See my review of icaPuz.
  • Four jigsaw puzzles created with Tibo Promo Creator were added to Dotty's Jigsaw Downloads. See my review of Tibo.
  • Beginning March 14, 2002, icaPuz blocked for a week the ability to play many of their free online puzzles, requesting donations from members and visitors to the free area. Two free daily jigsaws remained available. Their goal was to raise funds to cover the expenses of hosting their site. See my review of icaPuz.
  • Puzzlet Factory is renovating their site. The French version already has a new look and the English version will soon. See my review of Puzzlet Factory.

February 2002


December 2001

  • "To stay mentally sharp, you need to work your mental muscles each and every day. Try out some of these brain-building ideas ... do jigsaw puzzles. These help strengthen the part of the brain that controls spatial relations - the ability to recognize how things piece together. ... Play video games to maintain you dexterity and reaction time." Russell Wild in Modern Maturity magazine January/February 2002

November 2001

October 2001

  • Dotty's Virtual Jigsaws was featured as Good Housekeeping Site of the Day on October 16, 2001 [Formerly at]. Thanks to Gayle Cook for recommending the site. Here's their review:

    October 16, 2001
    Dotty's Virtual Jigsaws

    The virtual jigsaw puzzle comes into its own on this site. You'll find reviews of virtual puzzles, puzzles to play online or download, and links to daily jigsaws. If you get really good, there are links to sites that will help you build your own puzzles...some even using your own pictures for you creative geniuses. Come enjoy while honing your jigsaw puzzle skills!

    The number of site visitors skyrocketed from an average of 60 a day to 2858 visitors on October 16.

  • On October 8, the hosting service was upgraded to Yahoo GeoCities Pro to handle more traffic. Dotty's Virtual Jigsaws now has its own domain and Dotty has a new email address. . Upgrade was very easy and did not really affect the location of the site or email.
  • In Memoriam was moved to its own page.
  • Hot keys were added to the menu for Internet Explorer viewers. See Menus and Hotkeys in the Help section.
  • Links to Weekly Jigsaws was added.
  • A review was added for ZDNet.
  • A review was added for Puzzlepalooza. (Later deleted when it disappeared.)

September 2001

  • added classical style jigsaws to their site. The new puzzles are in beta test. Now each picture is available in frame style or classical style puzzles. The review of was updated.
  • In Memoriam was added to the site home page in memory of those who died on September 11.
  • The Smoke and Mirrors review was converted to a highlighted review.
  • A highlighted review was added for Art Hire [later dropped because the site no longer exists] and a review was added for [and later dropped because this site no longer has jigsaw puzzles.]
  • Flags were added to the top of each page as buttons for translation and a translation box was added to Jigsaws in Other Languages. Both link to
  • Numerous sites were added to Jigsaws in Other Languages
  • I discovered that you have to be careful when you do not control the content of services provided on your website. The Puzzlet Factory daily puzzle was temporarily discontinued due to an inappropriate daily picture.
  • Added this News page.

August 2001

  • The separation of Dotty's Virtual Jigsaws from the rest of my personal site was completed. The jigsaws remained at Yahoo Geocities and Dotty's Pages moved to Angelfire [and later moved back]. I am pleased with the service of both web host providers.
  • Visitor polls were added for all highlighted reviews. A guest book and Pass-It-On were also added to all pages. These services are all provided by Html Gear.
  • A link to add the page to the viewers Favorites (if the browser is Internet Explorer) was added to many pages.
  • Technical revision: All pages were converted from using frames to using tables for formating. This was done because frame content was listed in search engines with the frame URL and was displayed to visitors without the navigation.
  • All pages received a new look with my original puzzle graphics created with Gimp and a new Flash menu.

July 2001

  • Began separating this jigsaw site from the rest of my personal site.
  • In mid July I was surprised to find that had changed to a new puzzle provider. Jim Collins created the original puzzles at the site. Now Article 19 provides the puzzles. See the review of Shockwave and the review of Smoke and Mirrors for further details. The reviews were updated accordingly in July with more detail added later.

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