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JigCard Gallery
- Dotty's photo gallery. Free daily jigsaw and eCards. Members can play jigsaws with over 3000 pictures.

Free Pictures

Here's a list of picture galleries for making your own jigsaw puzzles. There are many more available on the web. Choose pictures that are approximately the desired size of the puzzle. Puzzlemaking programs usually allow pictures to be enlarged, shrunk or cropped, but enlarging too much creates a fuzzy picture. Do not copy pictures unless permission is given. To save an image to your computer (from most browsers), right click the image and select Save As. Better yet, take your own photos or draw your own pictures using any computer graphics program.

  • Agricultural Research Service - Public domain pictures of animals, plants, research and other agricultural subjects. Can download 300dpi pictures or look near the bottom of picture information pages for a link to pictures at 640pixels wide.
  • CGFA - Paintings from international artists. Choose a mirror site close to you for better response time.
  • - Enhance your website or print publication with free quality stock photos for personal or commercial use, available for instant download.
  • DHD Multimedia Gallery - Very large gallery categorized by subject and with search capability.
  • Free Digital Photos - Thousands of royalty free images for instant download. Low prices for images larger than 500 pixels on a side.
  • Free Photo - Over 67,000 photos free for noncommercial use
  • iBand Photos and clip art organized by category. Lots of advertising pop-ups.
  • JigCard Gallery - This is my photo gallery. Over 3,000 photos are available as online icaPuz jigsaws and eCards, but you may also use photographs by Dotty Storer for personal use.
  • Kodak Sample Digital Pictures - 96 pictures organized by category with information about how the pictures were taken
  • morgueFile - Large gallery organized by subject with the ability to search. Most photos do not include title or information.
  • NRCS Photo Gallery - Search by state and/or category.
  • New York Public Library Digital Library - Gallery of photos organized by subject with search ability. Use Creative Commons licensing.
  • Ookaboo - Large searchable collection of free pictures. All pictures are either in the public domain or under Creative Common license. This website offers a free API for other websites to use their database.
  • Open Photo - Gallery of photos organized by subject with search ability. Use Creative Commons licensing.
  • PD Photo - Large gallery of public domain photos, most taken by the site owner, are categorized by subject.
  • Pixel Perfect Digital - Organized by subject with search capability. Each picture has title and information.
  • Robin Good: Where To Find Great Free Photographs And Visuals For Your Own Online Articles - An excellent article on free stock photos which includes reviews of many photo sites.
  • Stock Vault - Free for personal and educational use. Includes Links to other image galleries.
  • Stock Xchng - Large gallery of free stock photos organized by category. You can also search the gallery.
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service - Photographs and art of animals in nature.
  • US Department of the Interior - Links to photo galleries on US government sites.
  • Wikimedia Foundation - Many of the websites under the Wikimedia Foundation umbrella have images in the public domain and/or published under the GNU Free Documentation License or Creative Commons License.

These pictures can be used with jigsaw puzzle programs that allow creating puzzles from your own pictures. See Dotty's Jigsaw Reviews or Jigsaw Comparison Chart for sources of jigsaw programs. The chart contains a column that tells if the puzzle allows using your own pictures. Play jigsaw puzzles online at Dotty's Online Jigsaws.

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